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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dialog Dump - Ease the creation of new dialogs

Had a few weeks of blog delay due to holydays and workload. Now I can just take some time to post what has happened during the last weeks. The first news is a new extension for the core OOo developers called dialog dump. This can just save hours of code, it is then a great news. Here is just the quote from Robert Vojta's blog [0]:
If you want to develop a new dialog to the OpenOffice.org suite, you have to learn how to work with .src, .hrc, .cxx and .hxx files. It's a little bit complex work even if you want to create a very simple dialog with few controls.

Frank Schönheit @ Sun introduces new Dialog Dump tool. It's very simple, it works and it rocks!

Note - This is for OpenOffice.org developers, not for extensions developers! If you are an extension developer, read Chapter 11 from the OpenOffice.org Developer's Guide.

[0] http://blog.vojta.name/archives/2006/09/02/T12_20_09/


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