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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chart2 - Hamburg round trip

During summer (15 to 20 of August), I had the opportunity to go to Sun's office in Hamburg to work on the chart module. There, I met Ingrid (iha) and Björn (bm_), the two main developers of the new chart module at Sun and many other OOo developers. It was really a great time and I have so many "souvenirs" that I could feed a bunch of blog entries with them. I really wanted to thanks CUSOON for sponsoring the trip and all the people at Sun where I was welcomed so nicely. On the other side, during those three working days, we spend our time mostly on two topics :
  • The OOoCon 2006 presentation on the new chart module [0]
  • Implementing a new small functionality for the chart module : x-sorting for XY charts
The more interresting part that I learned are some insight in the OOo development and especially the dialog development. I will share those things in one of my next posts, thus, stay tuned. [0] http://blogs.sun.com/bmilcke/entry/ooocon_2006_chart_talk_resources

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